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Our meetings start on every Thursday from 18:00 in the university's big building in Nagyvárad Square 4., in the seminar room of Sz.04. This semester's first meeting is on 18. September 2014. (Updated in 18. September 2014.)


"Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (Psalms 119:105)

Dear Visitor!


We are the Hungarian Bible Group in Semmelweis University (SOTE).

Our fellows learn mostly General Medicine or Pharmacy, but we are entirely opened before other students who learn Dentistry at Semmelweis University.

As one of the self-organized groups in our university, our Bible group doesn't relate to any Christian churches (that's why we call it interdenominational) - the fellows and the leaderers of this group are also students. There are Reformed, Lutheran, Baptist, Charismatic and Catholic students between us.  We are to meet with God's love and presence here in this university, between our groupmates.

Because we reported to the same university, there is something same in our thinking, there is something plus, that we can learn about God from the other fellows. There's something different from what we can meet in our churches.

We organize our meetings' programme together. We have a Christian topic for every meetings, for example: "Why do we need to be baptised?"; "Jesus' speech at the mountain - Happy phrases"; "The Christian pathway". The main line of our semesters is talking about a verse, or a part chosen from the Bible or watching a Christian movie-part together and talking about that. We try to talk about the chosen topics based on Biblical bases. We praise God at the begining of our meetings - sometimes with a guitar following. After that, we pray together and talk about a chosen Biblical topic. Not all the occasions are the same - we are opened to spontanety. In our free-time we try to organize some programmes together in order to know each other much better. Together, in united, it's much easier to serve God.


What is bible group's purpose?

Our purpose is to press on our classmates' thinking and life. We'd like to let our not-Christian friends know how great is our God.

We welcome everybody with great joy - who wants to know us, who is excited about God's message - apart from that he/she believes in God or not! :-)


And something else...

Our Bible group is part of IFES's (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) Hungarian Organization (it's called MEKDSZ). In most universities, there are Bible groups that're similar to our one.


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E-mail: bibliakor9@gmail.com

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